Dore Boya; with its 25 years of experience in the paint industry and the power of trained personnel, it established its paint production facility in Ankara Saraykent Industrial Site in 2013.

Our company continues its activities with a linear increase graph with its high human relations staff that provides fast reliable solutions in line with its quality, experience, accuracy, honesty, service and customer's needs and expectations, providing optimum quality / price balance, producing effective solutions.

It aims to be the leader in many fields (Industrial and Construction Paints, auxiliary materials) on a planned basis.



Customer Focus; We meet the needs and expectations of our customers with our understanding of fast and high quality solutions, and we offer the best solution, the best performance and the best price on a project basis for special needs.

We are always with you in pre-sales and after-sales service with our solutions for the needs of our customers.

To produce the most functional, practical and analytical products for our consumers to enjoy the places they live in, and to offer these products to the market in the most affordable prices and in the most accessible way.



We have the knowledge and determination to convey our creative solutions with the entrepreneurial spirit and courage that constantly pursues innovation with a dynamic teamwork.



We are improving our total quality by keeping human dignity and importance in front of everything and giving confidence with the consciousness of us. Trust and belief are the basis of all Dore Boya's corporate character.

The source of this is the trust and belief of all individuals towards themselves, their colleagues and the work done within the group. The people working in our group are the most valuable assets within the group.

Managers and employees in our group are people who have a sense of trust towards each other, are aware of their responsibilities, and work with devotion, giving confidence not only for themselves but also for their institutions and their environment.



To be a permanent leading company in the sector, to grow and to set standards, to make the world more enjoyable, colorful and healthy.