Silikonlu Silinebilir Dış Cephe Boyası



> Acrylic emulation based, silicone added, silk matte wipeable, decorative interior top coat paint.


> Thanks to its silicone additive, it has high water repellent properties and allows easy cleaning of the stains on the surface.

> It is odorless, human and environment friendly, allowing the surfaces it is applied to breathe.

> Easy to apply, easy to wipe, high coverage.


> It is applied as a new and smooth interior paint on smooth-looking walls and ceilings corrected with various putties, on old painted interior surfaces such as satin plaster, putty and priming on the interior surfaces of previously painted and discolored walls.


> Surfaces on which Silicone Based Interior Wall Paint will be applied must be sound, dry, clean and able to carry the paint.

> It should not be forgotten that light sanding should be done on all of the old painted, water-based, silicone-added and solvent-based softmat-silk-matt-semi-gloss painted surfaces before applying the appropriate primer for the topcoat paint.

> After the surfaces to be applied are cleaned of all kinds of mold oil, dirt, dust and loose layers, after making the necessary surface corrections and priming with a suitable primer, the process should be completed with paint.

Silikonlu Silinebilir İç Cephe Boyası


> Care should be taken to ensure that the ambient and surface temperature is between +50°C and +30°C during the application.

> It is thinned by 10-15% by volume by brush, roller and spraying, and is applied as 2 coats with a brush or roller.

> In order to obtain a smooth application, scanning should be done in one direction and overscanning should be avoided.

> It is recommended to wait at least 6 hours between coats.


> Touch dry: 15-30 minutes

> Second coat application: 6 hours

> Final drying : 24 hours

(drying time may be longer with higher humidity and lower temperature)


> It can be stored for 2 years in its unopened package, protected from direct sunlight and frozen in a cool and dry place.