Universal Astar


> It is a copolymer emulsion based, pigmented, interior and exterior primer used as a primer in the transition to water-based paint.


> It establishes a binding bridge between the paint and the surface.

> It reduces paint consumption.

> It prevents water and moisture permeability to a great extent.

> It prevents the carbonates formed on the fresh concrete surface from spoiling the paint and its relief.

> It is harmless to the environment and odorless.

> Since it reduces the surface absorbency, it reduces the consumption of top coat paint.

> By acting as a bridge between the surface and the top coat paint, it ensures that the paint adheres to the surface more strongly.


> Primer is used as a primer on exposed concrete, smooth or rough all kinds of plastered, mineral-based surfaces, and self-supporting silicone or acrylic-based old painted surfaces that have lost their color.


> After the surfaces to be applied are cleaned of all kinds of mold oil, dirt, dust, loose layers, priming is done.

Universal AstarAPPLICATION

> Surfaces should be matted with sandpaper before switching to water-based system from synthetic painted surfaces and in İpekmat-semi-gloss-gloss water-based systems (before primer application).

> Care should be taken to ensure that the surface temperature is between +5°C and +30°C during application.

> Applications should be made with a brush, roller or spray in one coat.

> It is diluted with clean water at the rate of maximum 10% in applications with brush and roller.

> Wait for 4 weeks on concrete, exposed concrete and plastered surfaces.


> Initial drying : 1-2 hours

> Final drying : 6 hours


> It can be stored for 2 years in its unopened package, in a cool and dry place, protected from direct sunlight.