Akrilik Grenli Dış Cephe Boyası


> It is an acrylic copolymer emulsion based, matt, top-grain exterior coating that does not require a second coat application.



> It can be applied in one coat without requiring paint on it.

> It has been developed and strengthened with fillers with a special grain structure suitable for its grainy structure.

> Shows balanced drying feature. It has high covering power. It provides high adhesion to the applied surfaces.

> Resistant to atmospheric conditions, pollution, sunlight.

> Easy to apply due to its spreading feature on the applied surfaces.

> Thanks to its breathing feature, the building elements provide steam passage.


> It can be applied on plaster, comb mosaic, wiping mosaic, concrete, exposed concrete, betopan, mdf, osb, old painted, fine-patterned, terracotta type surfaces that have lost their color.

> Area between 1Kg and 0.8-1.3m2 can be covered.


> It should be checked that the surface is sound, dry, clean and able to support itself.

> Dust, dirt, old and swollen layers that reduce adhesion on the surfaces to be applied must be completely cleaned.

> Before applying on new mineral surfaces, the surface should be allowed to dry.

> Surface smoothing and repairs should be used appropriately when necessary.

> Exterior Wall Putty should be used for repairing and stripping hairline cracks.


 Akrilik Grenli Dış Cephe Boyası


> Priming should be done after at least 24 hours.

> It can also be applied as a single layer without thinning.

> When two coats are required, the first coat is 10-15% and the second coat is applied without thinning.

> It can be applied to the surface with any kind of roller (the pattern is improved with a roller) or well.

> Care should be taken between +5°C and +30°C from the application route.

> 4 weeks should be waited for new plaster.

> Floors should be waited for 12 hours depending on the weather conditions.

> 1.0-1.5 mm is restored with application.


> Final drying : 24 hours


> It can be stored for 2 years in its unopened package, frozen in a cool and dry place, protected from direct sun.