Akrilik Dış Cephe Boyası 


> Acrylic copolymer emulsion-based special pigment and filler system developed with a high covering power and excellent adhesion, spreading application ease.

> It is a top coat exterior paint with matt structure resistant to all atmospheric conditions.



> It adheres very well to the applied surfaces with its superior adhesion strength.

> Resistant to atmospheric conditions and pollution.

> Thanks to its breathing feature, the building elements provide steam passage.

> Easy to apply due to its spreading feature on the applied surfaces.

> It saves time and labor.


> It is used on all concrete surfaces, plastered surfaces, gas concrete bricks, smooth or rough, all kinds of plastered mineral-based surfaces, as well as on dirty, discolored emulsion-based old painted surfaces, by applying the necessary priming to the surfaces prepared as decorative and protective.


> The surfaces to be newly painted should be cleaned of all kinds of oil, dirt and swollen layers and a surface should be created where the paint can hold.

> Priming the old painted surfaces with Feronia Silicone Based Exterior Primer after the necessary ground preparation will provide a significant economy in paint consumption.

  Akrilik Dış Cephe Boyası


> Acrylic exterior primer should be applied to make the floor suitable for the top coat paint on new surfaces and to strengthen the floor on old surfaces.

> Acrylic Based Exterior Paint is diluted with a maximum of 15% and applied to the facade by brush, roller or spraying.

> At least 24 hours after painting and priming, it should be thinned with 15% water and applied in two coats.

> It is recommended to wait 12 hours between each coat of paint.

> Take care that the surface temperature is between +5°C and +30°C during application.

> It is recommended to clean the tools and equipment used with water.


> Touch dry : 1-2 hours

> Second coat application: 10-12 hours

> Final drying : 24 hours

(drying time may be longer with higher humidity and lower temperature)


> It can be stored for 2 years in its unopened package, protected from direct sunlight and frozen in a cool and dry place.